Veteran Business Office Manager Teaches Medical Assistant Students About Health Care Finance

Medical assistant student in Lake County in Sacramento, California are finding out that there is much more to their chosen career path than just its health care components. Sixteen students in various medical assistant programs in the area took on a protégé role under Rocky Point Center’s business office manager Connie Pagulayan to develop an in-depth understanding of the financial aspects of the medical assistance field. According to the students, the eight hour class, which was completed over a single day last month, proved to be one of the most intensive and challenging days of instruction they had been exposed to in their educational careers.

Pagulayan’s one day curriculum began with the basics of business finance and progressively parlayed into some of the more complex and intricate elements of specific topics such as health care insurance and medical billing. There was a substantial emphasis on the critical nature of timeliness and accuracy in medical billing and the need for students to gain a clear and thorough understanding of the procedures and protocols thereof. The importance of a thorough understanding of these topics, according to Pagulayan, was not merely to be able to carry out the related tasks but also to be able to offer clear and concise explanations to patients of all of the applicable forms, documents, and various requirements related to medical billing and insurance.

Students admitted to being a bit overwhelmed by both the content and quality of the information but they understand the necessity of it and are fully aware that it is an integral part of their preparation for the national medical assistant certification exam that they will be taking in spring of 2015. County officials expressed their sincere appreciation of Pagulayan for donating her time and talent in helping the students on their path toward medical assistant certification.