Medical Professionals Share Their Experience with Students in Local Medical Assistants Course

The Lake County Office of Education in Lake County in Northern California held a special series of Medical Assistant classes during the month of November. The classes featured several guest lecturers from Lake County’s medical community who presented extensive teaching sessions to continuing education students from the area.

Sixteen students who are currently enrolled in various Medical Assistant programs throughout Northern California attended the November sessions as a means of supplementing their education and their goals of becoming health care workers. All of the students who attended are also enrolled in the nine-month course geared toward allowing them to earn national certification in medical assisting.

During the month-long special course series, medical professional in the Lake County community visited the class each week and presented a lecture covering a specific topic that was directly related to the course material being studied by the students during that particular week. A local pediatrician, Dr. Marlene Quilala, spoke about the importance of administering quality care to ill children as well as ways in which children’s health can be managed from the time they are born into their late teenage years. Local family physician Dr. Gary Maes, gave an engaging lecture about the processes that take place in both the body and the mind as people age. He spoke about things like lung problems, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis.

Staff from Sutter Lakeside Hospital also visited the classes and spoke to the students about more general topics related to becoming a medical assistant. Some of those topics included surgical methods, proper medical record documentation, women’s health, and the detailed workings of the various systems in the human body.

For staff members like Medical Records Manager Patti Smith-Hakin, the opportunity to speak to aspiring medical assistants was an opportunity for her and her colleagues to “share our knowledge and our example of professionalism [in an effort to] inspire the entire class.”