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Bigger and better healthcare systems are the name of the game in Indiana, and medical assistants are reaping the rewards.

A healthcare sector building boom is taking place in Indiana, particularly in the Northwestern part of the state, and for medical assistants, this translates to exceptional professional opportunities—and stats from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development reflect this. In 2019, there were 15,320 medical assistants working in Indiana; by 2021, this number is projected to swell to 15,960, representing a 4.2 percent growth rate in just a few, short years. Approximately 2,040 annual job openings in medical assisting make finding a job in the Hoosier State nearly a sure bet.

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You’ll also be pleasantly surprised with the earning power of medical assistants in Indiana. The hourly wage for these health support professionals as of May 2019 was $16.29, or $33,880 annually. For those backed by a handful of years of experience, the salary expectations are even more impressive. The top 10% here earned an hourly wage of $20.20, or $42,020 during this time.

Average Hourly Wages for Medical Assistants in Indiana’s Metro Areas

Lafayette’s medical assistants come out on top in terms of pay at the median level, although medical assistants in most of the metro areas here enjoy average wages at the top of the pay scale, consistently exceeding $20 an hour.

The following BLS stats reveal the median – top 10% average, hourly wage range for medical assistants working in Indiana’s largest metro areas:

  • Bloomington: $15.41 – $20.81 (approximately 260 medical assistants)
  • Fort Wayne: $15.38 – $19.35 (approximately 1,620 medical assistants)
  • Indianapolis (greater metro area includes Carmel and Anderson): $17.18 – $20.96
  • Lafayette: $17.02 – 21.47 (approximately 450 medical assistants)
  • South Bend: $16.22 – $20.07 (approximately 840 medical assistants)
  • Terre Haute: $15.01 – $21.22 (approximately 410 medical assistants)

Average Salaries for Medical Assistants in Indiana’s Metro Areas

BLS stats reveal the following salary range (median – top 10%) for medical assistants working in Indiana’s largest metro areas:

  • Bloomington: $32,050 – $43,280
  • Fort Wayne: $31,980 – $40,250
  • Indianapolis: $35,720 – $43,600
  • Lafayette: $35,400 – $44,650
  • South Bend: $33,730 – $41,740
  • Terre Haute: $31,220 – $44,130


Salary and employment data compiled by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in May of 2019. Figures represent accumulated data for all employment sectors in which medical assistants work. BLS salary data represents average and median earnings for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience. This data does not represent starting salaries. 

2019 job growth projections from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development are aggregated through the U.S. Department of Labor-Sponsored resource, Projections Central. Employment conditions in your area may vary. 

All salary and employment data accessed May 2020.