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Medical Assistant Salaries in Nevada

In 2014, the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation found there were 5,411 medical assistants employed in the Silver State. But the state’s growing dependence on this occupation will likely increase this figure to 5,941 by 2022. This growth trend is expected to create 167 job openings for medical assistants in Nevada each year during this time frame.

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation finds that medical assistants in the state are currently earning salaries comparable to other healthcare support occupations here.

In 2014, the average annual salary for medical assistants was $31,570 while the average annual salary for healthcare support occupations overall was $32,720.

In that same year, medical assistants earned an average hourly wage of $15.18 while the average hourly wage for healthcare support occupations was $15.73.

Wage and Salary Percentiles for Medical Assistants in Nevada

A medical assistant’s pay scale is often determined by a variety of factors including training, education, experience, and level of responsibility. To illustrate pay diversity among medical assistants in Nevada, here are statewide wage and salary percentiles as compiled by the United State’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013:

  • 10th Percentile: $11.80/hr. or $24,500/yr.
  • 25th Percentile: $12.94/hr. or $26,900/yr.
  • Median Percentile: $14.85/hr. or $30,900/yr.
  • 75th Percentile: $17.28/hr. or $35,900/yr.
  • 90th Percentile: $19.34/hr. or $40,000/yr.

Further findings by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that region of employment can also alter a medical assistant’s pay in Nevada (salary statistics by region in 2013):

Area name
Annual mean wage
Carson City NV
Las Vegas-Paradise NV
Reno-Sparks NV
Western Central Nevada nonmetropolitan area
Other Nevada nonmetropolitan area