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Medical Assistant Salaries in Vermont

According to the Vermont Department of Labor, Economic, and Labor Market Information, in 2013 the average medical assistant salary in Vermont was $33,580. This value is slightly higher than the median salary of $32,390 that year. Experienced medical assistants in the 90th percentile salary bracket earned $44,920 on average, while entry-level professionals in the averaged $25,410.

Salaries in the balance of state areas outside of Burlington were higher than the Vermont average:

Vermont Area
90th Percentile
Northern Vermont
Southern Vermont

In 2014, the Vermont Department of Labor, Economic, and Labor Market Information designated medical assistants as one of the occupations in high demand in the state. It predicts a 1.5% increase in the number of medical assistant jobs to become available each year over the ten-year period ending in 2022.

An average of 24 jobs a year are expected to become available in Vermont during this time frame. The rate of increase in medical assistant jobs is expected to be the same in the Burlington area and in the northern balance of state.

In 2010, 71% of Vermont’s 647 medical assistants worked for ambulatory care services. The remaining 24% were employed by hospitals.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a detailed analysis of 2013 medical assistant salaries in Vermont:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Burlington-South Burlington VT
Southern Vermont nonmetropolitan area
Northern Vermont nonmetropolitan area