Medical Assistant Salaries in Virginia

Between 2010 and 2018, Virginia’s population grew by 6.5% – and where there’s a growing population there’s bound to be an increased demand for healthcare. Translation: If you’re looking for opportunities in medical assisting, Virginia is where you want to be.

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Projections from the Virginia Workforce Connection reveal a 4.5% increase in medical assistant jobs in the Commonwealth between 2019 and 2021. That’s more than 600 new jobs being created, but when you factor in current MAs entering retirement and graduating through the ranks to new and higher positions, there’s expected to be a total of 1,950 openings every year. It’s clear that the job market in Charlotte, Harrisonburg  and the rest of Virginia is going to be full of opportunities for everyone from medical assistants right out of school stepping into entry level roles, to the most experienced in the field transitioning to more advanced roles.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for Virginia’s MAs in 2019 was $16.86, which worked out to $35,070 annually. And there’s plenty of reasons to build your resume with experience and professional certification like the CMA, with the top 10% in the field earning $24.73 an hour, and $51,430 annually.

Average Hourly Wages for Medical Assistants in Virginia’s Metro Areas

The Norfolk and Richmond metro areas are first in the state when it comes to both the number of medical assistant jobs and the wages for these healthcare support professionals.

The following BLS stats reveal the median – top 10% average in Virginia’s largest metro areas calculated on an hourly basis:

  • Charlottesville: $15.67 – $21.64 (approximately 590 medical assistants)
  • Harrisonburg: $15.54 – $20.58 (approximately 270 medical assistants)
  • Lynchburg: $15.44 – $18.41 (approximately 550 medical assistants)
  • Richmond: $16.28 – $22.24 (approximately 2,480 medical assistants)
  • Roanoke: $14.81 – $19.10 (approximately 860 medical assistants)
  • Norfolk (greater metro area includes Virginia Beach and Newport News): $15.87 – $22.97 (approximately 2,980 medical assistants)

Average Salaries for Medical Assistants in Virginia’s Metro Areas

BLS stats reveal the salary range (median – top 10%) for medical assistants working in Virginia’s largest metros:

  • Charlottesville: $32,600 – $45,010
  • Harrisonburg: $32,320 – $42,810
  • Lynchburg: $32,120 – $38,290
  • Richmond: $33,860 – $46,270
  • Roanoke: $30,810 – $39,720
  • Norfolk (greater metro area includes Virginia Beach and Newport News): $33,010 – $47,780


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US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary figures for medical assistants represents state data not school-specific information.

2019 job growth projections from the Virginia Workforce Connection are aggregated through the U.S. Department of Labor-Sponsored resource, Projections Central.

Conditions in your area may vary. 

All salary and employment data accessed May 2020.