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About Dr. Helga George

Dr. George has spent several years writing about higher education, healthcare and psychology. She transitioned to a career in writing after fulfilling her lifelong dream of performing research on plant defense chemicals. She earned a BS in Agriculture from Cornell University, an MS in Plant Pathology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Cornell University. Helga also conducted postdoctoral research at the University of California Santa Barbara where she obtained a USDA grant to fund her research.

Chinese Company Releases a Medical Assistant Chatbot

While medical assistants are an indispensable part of Western medicine, this appears to not be the case in China. China’s largest search engine, Baidu, announced in October 2016 that it had produced an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. The company named its …

Medical Assistant Recognition Week Celebrated

Medical Assistant Recognition Week (MARWeek), which takes place each year in the third full week of October, was developed to honor the efforts of thousands of medical assistants across the United States. It is endorsed by the American Association of …