Medical Assistant Recognition Week Celebrated

Medical Assistant Recognition Week (MARWeek), which takes place each year in the third full week of October, was developed to honor the efforts of thousands of medical assistants across the United States. It is endorsed by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AMMA).

The 2016 MARWeek held during the week of October 17, encouraged employers, associates and patients to acknowledge the medical assistant profession. Medical assistants were recognized and honored for their contributions to the health care industry during the annual celebration.

The AAMA supplied a variety of online materials in an effort to encourage and inspire employers to show their appreciation to the medical assistants who have become such an important part of medical practices. Posters, articles and logos were all available on the AAMA website for employers to download and display.

This year the AAMA created a heart logo accompanied by the slogan “Medical Assistants at the heart of health care.” The logo was accessible for download to be used for bumper stickers, T-shirts or flyers to promote the profession. Employers could also put the logo on giveaway items for colleagues and patients.

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Penn Foster, which has a Career School in Scranton, Pennsylvania and a College in Scottsdale, Arizona, celebrated with a week of scheduled events including guest speakers and webinars geared to educate students on best practices, trends and tips to bolster their medical skills.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has estimated that medical assisting positions will grow at an average rate of 23% through 2024, faster than most other occupations.

The AAMA, which was founded in 1956, aims to provide medical assistants and those interested in the profession, the necessary materials to learn about the credentials and education required for career success and advancement. It also provides networking opportunities and promotes quality patient-centered health care.