Medical Assistant Salaries in Massachusetts

Healthcare has always been a priority in Massachusetts, and today’s medical assistants are reaping the rewards of this patient-centered perspective.

Massachusetts was a leader in near-universal healthcare long before the Affordable Act became law; in fact, the Affordable Care Act was modeled after Massachusetts’ success in achieving near-universal coverage. Today, Massachusetts boasts a healthcare coverage rate of 96.5%.

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According to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, there were 14,060 medical assistants in the state in 2019; by 2021, this number is projected to grow to 14,350 – a 2.1% increase in just a few, short years. Whether you’re working to enter or advance in the field, the job environment in medical assisting looks great, with an average of 1,710 annual job openings here.

Salaries for Massachusetts’ medical assistants are just as promising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants here earned an average, hourly wage of $19.60, or $40,770 annually as of 2019. The top earners here (top 10%) earned $25.53 an hour, or $53,100 annually during this time – all the more reason to build your resume with a few years of experience and a professional certification.

Average Hourly Wages for Medical Assistants in Massachusetts’ Metro Areas

Boston remains the leading metro area in Massachusetts, both for its number of medical assistants and its average pay for these healthcare support pros.

The following BLS stats reveal the median – top 10% hourly wage range for medical assistants in Massachusetts’ largest metro areas:

  • Boston (greater metro area includes Cambridge and Nashua): $20.00 – $26.27 (approximately 10,860 medical assistants)
  • New Bedford: $17.12 – $22.33 (approximately 360 medical assistants)
  • Springfield: $18.41 – $23.75 (approximately 1,880 medical assistants)
  • Worcester: $18.94 – $23.99 (approximately 940 medical assistants)

Average Salaries for Medical Assistants in Massachusetts’ Metra Areas

BLS stats indicate what medical assistants are earning in the median – top 10% salary range in Massachusetts’ largest metro areas:

  • Boston (greater metro area includes Cambridge and Nashua): $41,610 – $61,460
  • New Bedford: $35,620 – $46,440
  • Springfield: $38,300 – $49,400
  • Worcester: $39,390 – $49,900


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US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary figures for medical assistants represents state data not school-specific information.

2019 job growth projections from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development are aggregated through the U.S. Department of Labor-Sponsored resource, Projections Central.

Conditions in your area may vary. 

All salary and employment data accessed May 2020.